Protecting companies and countries, one signature at a time.

What Is

Verify, accept and store online signatures, safely and securely!

SafeScription allows you to accept digital signatures from your customers on all types of business transactions, and works to authenticate disputed signatures in a range of situations. Much like signing a bill at a restaurant or retail store, signatures make it easy to authenticate purchases, identify fraud, and speed up charge back times. With a subscription you are given access to your own private, extremely secure database where you can customize how you wish to accept and store all of your digital signatures. Our unique code is easily integratable to all websites and services. Want to verify a signature on paper? Look no further than our verification portal where you can check the legitimacy of one or many signatures.

Access on any device

Access your admin dashboard and allow customers to sign anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Fast and Secure

Our API is easy to implement into any site, signatures are convenient to access and secured on AWS servers.


For Business

Authenticate and easily issue charge backs.

Easy Integration

Our code can be modified to integrate and allow signatures on any retail website.

For Handwritten Signatures

Analyze signatures written on paper to determine their authenticity.

Advanced Security

The safety of your customers signatures is our number one priority. Each database is encrypted for maximum security.

Signature Pad

Give it a try. Write your signature below.

Discover All Features


All signatures are stored in an encrypted database.

Easy To Integrate

Our API is easily manipulated to fit any website.


SafeScription can determine the authenticity of a signature at a 99% rate.

Creative UI

Our database is easy to use and new projects can be created safely and efficiently.


Authenticate all purchases and decrease charge back time.

Customer Support

Fast responses for any problem you encounter.


All of your signatures are stored to the specifications you desire.

Signature Downloads

All signatures are easily accessed through simple downloads.

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